“If teachers knew about it, if coaches knew about it, if the principal knew about it, if parents knew about it, why was nothing done about that?”

We see this moment as an opportunity to use ROLL RED ROLL to open up dialogue with men and boys around healthy masculinity and accountability. Our focus and drive are to deepen bystander intervention initiatives, partnering with men and boys to collectively transform these attitudes and this culture. In this #metoo moment and beyond, we will carve out space for change and growth and spark conversation. Our key goals include engaging men – fathers, coaches and teens –  to get involved in the work to raise awareness and prevent violence. We also want to join together with the folks in the #metooK12 space to make high schools and middle schools safer places for girls, and more equitable for all.

We will use community screenings to spark CONVERSATION around behavioral and cultural change in attitudes about gender, masculinity and safety in schools, sports fields, and communities.

We will CHALLENGE the culture that allows sexual assault to be normalized and dismissed.

We will make CHANGE by amplifying acts of courage and civic action.

Above all, we are in this together. Our success depends on inspiring others to do the work long after the film has ended, especially young men. So we will take every opportunity to inform and inspire a new generation of leaders. This is how we move forward, with compassion and accountability. We know that every town has its history. Now it is time for towns across America to write their own futures. ROLL RED ROLL can help get us there.