Roll Red Roll is uniquely poised to incite critical conversations with men and boys about rape culture and bystander intervention, especially in the athletic arena. We will compel men and boys to join the movement to end sexual violence by using theatrical, grassroots and school screenings to spark conversations among men and boys about healthy masculinity and accountability, with a focus on male teen athletes and coaches.                               

We see this particular cultural moment as an opportunity to use Roll Red Roll to engage many different sectors of communities across the country. We will engage men—fathers, coaches and teens—to take up the work of raising awareness and preventing violence among teen boys. We will encourage them to join forces with the #metooK12 movement to make high schools and middle schools safer places for girls, and more equitable for all. We will also engage state anti-violence coalitions, organizations that work with teens, parent groups, religious groups, athletic associations and more.


Stay tuned for screenings and ways to get involved.


Nancy Schwartzman – IMPACT PRODUCER

A globally recognized human rights activist, Nancy serves on Vice President Biden’s Advisory Council for Violence Against Women. As an impact producer, she crafted the #NotInvisible campaign for the Academy Award nominated “The Invisible War” a campaign that shattered the military’s culture of silence around sexual assault. She served as impact producer for “Girl Model” she worked in partnership with the Model Alliance to get child labor protections for girls in the modeling industry in New York State.


Erin Sorenson is an impact producer and the founder of Third Stage Consulting working with social-justice themed documentary film projects (Homestretch, Private Violence, Almost Sunrise, Chasing Coral, Driving with Selvi, Newtown, Home Truth).  Prior to founding Third Stage Consulting, Erin spent 5 years as the Chief Programs Officer for the BeCause Foundation working with creative outreach and engagement projects.


Jessica is a media professional and writer with a dedication to intersectional film and theatre. She has 4 years experience implementing fundraising and patron engagement strategies at national theatre nonprofits including Roundabout Theatre Company, and Center Theatre Group. She holds a BA in Theatre and Latin American Studies from Smith College. Her writing has been featured in online platforms for The Advocate and Everyday Democracy.



Joe Samalin has been helping communities engage men and boys in gender-based violence prevention for over 20 years. He is the co-founder of MenChal- lenging, and is currently working as a consultant on with numerous colleges and universities, government agencies, and more. Prior to that he was Senior Program Manager for Community Mobilization & Leadership Development with Breakthrough, a global human rights organization that works to challenge the culture of violence against women and girls. He has been working to address violence against women and girls since he was an undergraduate student, and as an activist and organizer addresses domestic violence, sexual violence, and anti-stalking, through trainings and programming with hundreds of communities on these issues.