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Roll Red Roll is emblematic of what is going on in high schools across America, what happened in Ohio is happening everywhere. Now we can prevent it. The film is uniquely poised to incite critical conversations about rape culture, bystander intervention, and community accountability.


Roll Red Roll is a film about young men – their friends, their behavior, their culture. As a tool the film can help challenge the status quo, and inspire men and boys to join the movement to end sexual violence.


We want Roll Red Roll to make it into the hands of everyday advocates in our schools, our athletic teams, and our communities. We are partnering with coaches, athletic directors, artists, athletes and educators to focus on youth engagement and male leadership.


“Rape culture” is not separate from campus culture, athletic culture, small towns, political culture. It is threaded into all aspects of our lives. When addressed at a community level we can lay the foundations for sustainable change.



Nancy Schwartzman is a documentary film director, producer, and media strategist who uses storytelling and technology to create safer communities for women and girls. Roll Red Roll goes beyond the headlines of the notorious Steubenville, Ohio high school sexual assault case to uncover the social-media fueled “boys will be boys” culture that let it happen. Roll Red Roll premiered in 2018 at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Hot Docs, and is currently playing at over 20 festivals, and will have a robust impact campaign. She is the recent winner of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation’s Excellence in Filmmaking Award.Roll Red Roll is her feature film debut. Her first film, The Line, a short documentary examining consent was used by the White House for a campaign around sexuality, and her follow-up film XOXOSMS, was on PBS/POV and BBC exploring love between two teenagers, bridged by technology.

A globally recognized human rights activist, Nancy serves on Vice President Biden’s Advisory Council for Violence Against Women. Nancy is a tech founder, and created the White House award-winning mobile app Circle of 6 designed to reduce sexual violence among America’s youth and college students. Circle of 6 is used by over 350,000 people in 36 countries. The app is now open source and being adapted for women journalists working in Mexico. She has presented her work at the White House, the United Nations, TEDxSheffield, Good Pitch, DOCNYC and more.


Alexandria Goddard is a blogger and social media consultant. She has over 25 years of combined experience in legal investigations, fraud/risk management investigations and social media analysis. Her expertise includes utilizing social media to build social and
personal profiles of witness, jurors and litigants, while researching publicly accessible data to analyze social media presence and activities. For her role in the Steubenville case, she has appeared on Dr. Phil, 20/20, Piers Morgan, Democracy Now, Jane Velez-Mitchell and a multitude of print and web-based articles regarding her social media analysis expertise. Her work has also been used as source reference in academic research papers, as well as by advocacy agencies around the world.

Joe Samalin has been helping communities engage men and boys in gender-based violence prevention for over 20 years. He is the co-founder of MenChal- lenging, and is currently working as a consultant on with numerous colleges and universities, government agencies, and more. Prior to that he was Senior Program Manager for Community Mobilization & Leadership Development with Breakthrough, a global human rights organization that works to challenge the culture of violence against women and girls. He has been working to address violence against women and girls since he was an undergraduate student, and as an activist and organizer addresses domestic violence, sexual violence, and anti-stalking, through trainings and programming with hundreds of communities on these issues.