High School Toolkit

Looking for a way to discuss sexual assault prevention with your student athletes? Developed by the nationally recognized Roll Red Roll impact campaign and in collaboration with a coalition of experts, this toolkit prepares coaches, administrators, and counselors to discuss these issues simply and clearly with student athletes. It includes important background information for facilitators, key questions and prompts for discussion. This toolkit is a resource you can use to help educate athletes about sexual assault, rape culture and how they can play an active role in rape prevention. Student athletes have the potential to affect not only their own beliefs and behavior, but that of their teammates and the school as a whole. Your leadership will have ripple effects in the community.

Please fill out the form below and the Roll Red Roll team will send you a copy of the High School Toolkit. Please note that this is a shorter guide created for high schools which contains significantly fewer clips than the Toolkit for College Athletic Administrators, Coaches and Counselors .